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Every Ride is a Memory of a Lifetime


Secure and

Verified drivers, and live Tracking Are some of the features that we have in place to ensure  safe rides

Cashless Payments

In cashless payment, payments are made  without the use of hard cash. This includes payments online.

Convenient Pickup

Book a ride now and our partners will come to the pickup location a matter of minutes.

Anytime Anywhere

Need to get somewhere urgently, now you are just a click away.

What services do we provide?

Currently we offer commuting services which will allow a customer to book a cab or an auto using our app

reem By acmo Network n

Become a partner

In a professional context it often happens that private or corporate clients corder a publication to be made and presented . 


Drive with reem

This deals with all the people who want to drive with Reem but don’t own a car. They can register with us and we will be assigning them the vehicles.

Partner Driver

Attach and drive your vehicle with Reem

This deals with all the vehicle owners who own a vehicle and want to drive it to Reem themselves.


Attach you vehicle with reem

This deals with all the vehicle owners who own a vehicle and want to attach it to Reem but don’t have a driver or can’t drive it themselves.

Drive With Reem

Set your own hours. Earn on your own terms.

Freedom to go anywhere

You car is at your command, always. You can drive to any part of the Valley.

Wide car range

Choose amongst Hatchbacks, Sedans and SUVs based on your travel needs.

No Hidden Charges

All prices include taxes and fuel.

Reem By Acmo

Convenient pickup

Easy availability of cars across the city’s popular spots.

24/7 Support

For all safety concerns during your drive, we’re just a call away at any hour of the day.

Insurance Cover

Complete peace of mind with damage liability limited to Rs 10,000.

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